Loure is a commercial, portrait, and fine art photography studio based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Run by Alex Hopkins & Amanda Urmanski, Loure specializes in uniquely branded content with bold colors, experimental creative techniques, promotional videos, portrait photography, and editorial photography. Loure work ranges from portrait and commercial photography to fine art, and the style is unconventionally fresh.

Alex graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BFA in both design & mathematics in 2014. He has exhibited work in several shows, including the Museum of Wisconsin Art. His photographic practices have taken him across the U.S. and around the world on numerous projects.

Loure is currently based in Green Bay, Wisconsin as Alex Hopkins & Amanda Urmanski.

Loure Street Photography

A Weekend Trip to Bologna Photo Journal Pt.1

Asking ourselves what life really is about. Unable to answer, we scoff at a future of important decisions and believe its about the whimsical moments right now. Only to realize the important decisions have already been made. When you look back at your life and call upon those blurred memories in your head, more often […]

Loure Street Photography

Being Uncomfortable Is Worth It (A Talk About Inspiration in Modern Photography) NSFW

Being uncomfortable is worth it. Lets face it, everything inspires us as artists. From the way something sounds, to how it feels when we pick it up, to how it smells when its cooking, we turn these direct interactions into the inspiration we thrive on when making art and doing what we love. We are […]

Loure Street Photography

Viareggio Beach Photography and Portraits

Beaches in Italy are unlike any other experience you will have. In a beautifully chaotic way tan asses, bare chests, consumerism, tanning oil, crossword puzzles, semi good food, and sun rays collide with each other to create places like Viareggio. Just an hour and a half train ride away from florence, Viareggio is a quaint […]

Florence Photo Journal Pt.3

Ok, so I admit sometimes photography is fun… like… really fun. When you can run around a town with your friends, get food, be sweaty, and see some cool local sights its an incredibly blissful experience. What makes photography fun; is when done correctly, you can enjoy these wonderful moments that are happening all around […]

Loure Street Photography

West Worthing Photo Journal Pt.1

To know when and with whom a friendship will develop is impossible. From being to young too remember to being too old to recall, we develop friendship from unlikely encounters through a series of complex events. For me, there are few people in the world of whom I have been friends with since I was […]

Loure Street Photography

Lido Beach (Venice) Street Photography

Ok, so to start this off I want to let all of you know that beach photography is one of my favorite subjects to partake in. As a photographer you get to walk around and somewhat peer into others’ lives at some of their most vulnerable and defensive moments. So, from a photographic standpoint the […]

Loure Street Photography

Venice Street Photography Pt.2

In the never ending quest of modernity we document every person, every meal, and every day of our lives and we justify doing this because of the satisfaction of seeing that wicked awesome pic from the club last night… right? I mean, I am still documenting my journey throughout this world and all the people […]

Loure Street Photography

Florence Photo Journal Pt.2 (Mexican Night in Florence with Dutch, Hispanic, Spanish, Australian, and British Friends)

Ok, so normally street photography is out and about in the city interacting with strangers and looking for that visually perfect fleeting moment, but some times the most genuine interactions and times can be documented right where you live. This evening was definitely the case. We had been living at the Russian Art Academy for […]

Loure Venice Street Photography

Venice Street Photography Pt.1

The light is different throughout world. How the sun reflects on water, the mist in the air, the halogen lamps, flickering neon signs, it is a new experience with every place a person visits. The light of a summer night in Venice was unlike anything I had experienced before. As the sun goes down a […]

Loure Street Photography

Florence Photo Journal Pt.1

Ok, so I will admit my loure street photography blogging has been a little behind lately, but hey, it is a little hard to shove your face into a computer and write while a beautiful city beckons you. Anyways, this is going to mark the beginning of sharing our Italian adventures with you. After wearing […]

Loure Street Photography

London Street Photography Pt.3

#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ London Taxis London Street Photography James on Set The Breakfast Club London A FING Borough Street Market The [...]

Loure Street Photography

Worthing (South U.K.) Street Photography pt.1

As our time deep within the British Empire came to an end we made our way to the south shore to experience some much needed time away from the bustling concrete jungle that is London. Excited to be close to the beach we met up with our long time family friend Anne, a very young […]